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General Information


Trekking Map

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How To Reach

Air-Indian Air Lines operates regular flight to Leh from Delhi, twice a week between Leh to Jammu and once a week from Srinagar. Jet Airways Operates daily flight between Leh to Delhi.

Road There are two overland routes the Srinagar to Leh road remains open from early June to November. The Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation operates regular deluxe and ordinary bus services.

The Manali - Leh road remains open from mid June to early October. Himachal Pradesh tourism, HRTC and Manali private bus union, operates a daily bus services, which takes two days to reach Leh, after a night halt at Sarchu or Darcha.

Taxi- Taxies are also available at Leh, Manali and Srinagar.


When To Come

Ladakh is open for tourist throughout the year, while the best period for tour and trek is from June to October. Most of the trekking routes are closed after November due to heavy snowfall at high passes except the Liker to Kahltsey (Sham) trek. The best period for Chadar trek is from January to Mid-March. The festivals of Stok, Matho and New Year take place in winter. It is possible to visit monasteries in winter, as there are many centrally heated hotels in Leh.
map of ladakh

Rescue & Precautions

Tourist undertaking mountaineering and trekking in Ladakh, whether in groups or individual, should take some precuations. There is no private aerial rescue agency in Ladakh and only as a life saving measure; engaging the Indian Air Force help in evacuation. The rescue cum causality evacuation of members of mountaineering expedition and trekking parties in distress in the available IAF aircraft helicopter on the following conditions: -

Safety Tips

Trekking and mountain climbing are physically demanding and medical facilities are very limited in the remote areas of Ladakh. You must certify that you are in good health as part of the expedition or trekking

These are strenuous trips best enjoyed by experienced enthusiasts. Therefore, it is essential that you are m good general health and that the organizers have been advised of and medical problems in advance of your departure, The group leader reserves the right to disqualify any member from the group at any time if considered medically necessary, to avoid endangering the group, or if the participant is physically unlit for the trip. Refunds can not be given under these circumstances.

Although staff members have extensive knowledge of the area and arc familiar with some of the health risks which may be encountered, they are not doctors. We therefore, have no expertise nor responsibility regarding what medications or inoculations you and your private physician should decide necessary for your safe participation. The organizers will furnish an extensive first-aid kit. We've also included in this packet a suggested personal first-aid kit list of items that should be carried by each trip member.

The better your physical condition, the more enjoyable your experience will be. It would be helpful to do as much mountain walking or running as you can. It is important to break in your hiking boots before you arrive in India to avoid blisters.

Trekkers and expedition members occasionally suffer from coughs, colds, and stomach upsets. Most of these ailments can be avoided with some common sense and careful hygiene. You should bring iodine tablets or a small bottle of iodine crystals to purify any 01 the water You drink along the trails. Iodine-based preparations kill amoebic cysts, while other purification systems do not. The portable water filters work well, but they do not remove viral organisms. it is difficult to obtain good drink mix powders in India and so it is advisable to bring powder mixes for your waster bottle. These will help to mask the taste of iodine in the water.

map of ladakh

Foreign Exchange

All the money should be changed with authorized moneychanger, available at various places. You should insist for a receipt, which will help you in reconverting the money whenever you desire.

Permit & Passport

Tourist don't require permit for Leh; however, all foreigners are required to registered at Drass, Rumtse and Sarchu if they are traveling by road. Those traveling by air get themselves registered at the airport. The tourist are required to get a permit for restricted areas like Tsomoriri, Tsokar, Pangong Lakes, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley, which can be obtain through registered travel agencies. Make it sure to carry six photocopies of the permit while traveling, to submit at the Checking points.
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